• “I have attended a 5-day Zen Shitsu course with Yaor and it was a very special and great experience.
    Just in first two days we have learned the basics of Zen S and truly enjoyed the learning and practice.
    Yaor is a great, patient and wise teacher who knows his work very well, passes it well and at the same time encourages his students and makes the course engaging and fun. He is a rare example of humble & great teacher with a skill of explaining things in an easy way, who takes good care about all students, team spirit and ensuring a high standard of his teaching.”

    – Ocean. B

  • “I met Yaor during his time in Auroville India and took several shiatsu treatment and meridian stretch classes with him.
    I am myself a massage therapist and movement teacher  and enjoyed his quality of touch and teaching very much.
    He uses his knowledge  about the meridians in a beautiful subtle , intuitive and still deep way
    His treatments helped me in a very supportive way to balance with temporary body issues I was carrying at that time
    Hiis meridian stretch classes opened up a new understanding and integration of the chinese energy system into my body
    I can recommend his qualities as a therapist and teacher to everyone.”
    – (Zahiro) Kai Esko : a natural path, alternative therapist from germany berlin

  • About the Meridian Yoga Class: “It was a pleasure to take the Meridian movement sequence with Yaor. Just by following his movements, I felt like I was in a trance, I forgot all my thoughts, and I felt an invigorating energy charge in my body. After the class, I felt vital and peaceful, ready to take on the tasks of the day. Thank you Yaor!”
    About Shiatsu sessions with Yaor: “I receive full body Shiatsu sessions with Yaor. With every touch, I received so much energy and pleasure. I felt I was in a trance rhythm magical healing time. My breathing was finally open and relaxed. My body was shifted by Yaor into new positions, gently and with much care. I felt I was in a very deep and quiet place where the “world” of thoughts did not exist anymore. Yaor was guiding me how to receive his pressure points and than took me into peaceful existence with my body. Thank you Yaor!”

    – Kirk Roberts

  • “I fell in love with Shiatsu because of Yaor…
    He showed me the very essence of shiatsu. He gave me a treatment and I went to a 5 day workshop which was life changing in a way..no kidding..
    I came back to Hungary and applied to a shiatsu course and still in love with it. I have excellent teachers, but none of them can catch and feel and most importantly transmit the absolute beauty of shiatsu in the way Yaor did..
    Still miss him.”

    – Ga Szi

  • “Yaor is clearly the best shiatsu therapist I have had the pleasure to meet and work with. I followed a two-day shiatsu training that he was offering, along with morning meridian classes and also received shiatsu treatments and bach flowers treatment. His touch is very precise and powerful and he manages to reset the energy of the body within a very short period of time. I would definitely recommend him as a shiatsu teacher and therapist, and wish we would live in the same city so I could get regular sessions with him! Five stars”
    – Caroline Perréard

  • “This shiatsu retreat with Yaor was much further than 5 days learning a massage technique. The group focus, the intense opening and personal challenges brought up a very emotional feeling, sometimes with some obstacles and finally full of joy. The body and mind fusion and their mutual effect on each other showed me the effectiveness of the shiatsu technique in my life search for purifying the mind through out the body, for which I’m so great full ! And furthermore, the everyday exchange of give/receive, care and trust, while practicing the technique for the first time on each other, combined with Yaor’s total dedication, modesty and genuine generosity on sharing his knowledge and personal experience made this an authentic enrichment experience. These was essential to allow a deeper effect from the retreat!  Yaor is a wise beautiful and pure human being and it was an honor to be kindly guided by him in such an inspiring journey”

    – Teresa Souto

  • “The meridian yoga classes were a great help for me ! I really felt how the exercises rebalanced myself and relieved my stress level. After each class I felt very peaceful and connected to my body. Now that I’m home I continue using the exercises. I especially appreciate how you can support specific elements and organs (since the exercises energise the related meridians).
    Yaor is a very nice teacher and I recommend his classes to everyone who likes to harmonise the energy in his body !”
    – Delphine Jacques

  • “I enjoyed the workshop with yaor very much, as it had a pleasant atmosphere and i could feel the benefit of the asanas even in the limited time we had to practice them.
    My sincere thanks”

    – Monica Matsumoto