Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy in which manual (hand) pressure is applied to certain points on the body to work on the body energy (Qi/Meridians).

It includes fingers/thumbs/palms pressure and work on the tissues and the body energy(qi/meridians).

Through application of pressure on the body and tissues we gain flexibility, relaxation and release of pain.

Shiatsu works on meridian network= energetic channels that flow inside our body. In the T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine) they discovered 12 main meridians that responsible for the circulation of qi in our body. Qi=energy=prana- the basis of everything that exist.

Each meridian related to an organ in the body and every 2 meridians related to an Element.

For example, if someone suffers from Astma/ breathing problems we will focus on the Lung meridian that related to the lungs and Metal Element.

Moving the energy in the body helps release energetic blockages that can cause pain, weakness and disease.

Zen Shiatsu is beneficial for variety of problems: the Respiratory system, the Digestive system, the Nervous system, the Blood Vessles, the Skeletal system including back and neck pains, skin problems, stress & anxieties.

 From one aspect this therapy gives energy and from the other aspect it is very calming.

Shiatsu Therapy with Yaor is very relaxing and good for pains and stiffness, stress, weakness and depression/anxiety. his speciality is insomnia and sleeping problems and he is focusing on the client’s needs.

 Yaor gives maximum attention to the client, and integrates his knowledge as a yoga and Qi Gong teacher in the session as well as giving tips for healthy nutrition according to Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

* Clients will lay on a floor mattress, fully clothed. Please dress comfortable.

Le Shiatsu est une thérapie japonaise dans laquelle on applique de la pression manuelle sur certains points du corps pour travailler avec l’énergie corporelle(QI/Méridiens).

A thérapie avec Yaor est très relaxante et aide avec les douleurs, la rigidité. le stress, faiblesse et l’insomnie. Je me centre sur les besoin du patient et ensemble nous allons dans un monde de silence et bienêtre.


Edward Bach’s 38 flower remedies (water based solutions) each have specific properties to help bring balance to our emotions (courage, stress, fear). The session includes an assessment and the selection of a remedy in an intuitive collaboration with the client. Bach remedies are effective with children as well.



The treatment which is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda is in two sessions. The first session is about 1.5 hour long assessment. In the second session, you will be given instructions for diet and lifestyle modifications, and suggestions for internal and external uses of plant-based essential oils and herbs.